Here at Clipper Marine we are constantly looking for good quality, well maintained boats for our brokerage listings.

Our team of highly experienced brokers are based in offices strategically placed around the UK. Our offices are open 7 days a week, 363 days a year and our brokers can be reached by mobile or email out of hours – we are not your usual 9-5 brokerage.

We advertise in all major UK magazines and websites. We supply boats all over Europe and the rest of the world, and can deal in Pound Sterling, Euro or US Dollars.

Regardless of size, value or location – we WILL sell your boat!

Option 1 - Brokerage Sale

This is where we act as your agent to sell your boat for the highest possible price. This will be achieved via our network of 9 offices located throughout the UK and our extensive marketing of vessels both in print media and online. We can transport, store, clean and sell your boat and all the costs can be deducted from the sale price. That means there is NO initial outlay when selling.

Advantages: You achieve the highest possible price for your boat There is no initial cost when selling

Disadvantages: It may take several weeks to achieve a sale

Option 2 - Best of both worlds

You put your boat on brokerage with us and in the meantime we give you a stock boat and take a stake in your current boat to the value of the replacement. This means you can sail off in your new boat whilst we take care of your old one – all you need to do it keep her insured. Once your old boat is sold we will deduct the value of the replacement boat from the proceeds, our commission, storage and any outstanding finance and give you the balance.

Advantages: You get the maximum amount for you old boat You get to keep boating in your dream boat

Disadvantages: We are still trying to find some!

Option 3 - Guaranteed Sale

With this option we offer a guaranteed future value for your boat to take effect only after 3 months of attempting to sell on brokerage. Therefore you can place your boat on brokerage with the added security that you can rely on the fact that she WILL be sold within 3 months of listing her. This also helps to give you a figure to aim for when receiving offers whilst she is on brokerage. If you choose to take advantage of this offer the boat will have to be on site at one of our locations and we will need to inspect her, test the engines and have clear title to the boat. We do however reserve the right to not purchase the boat should the market condition change.

Advantages: You can rely on your boat selling and you being in funds within 3 months – very handy if you have an upcoming financial commitment, buying a house, business transaction, buying a car etc etc.

Disadvantages: You will receive a lower price than a standard brokerage sale

Option 4 - Reverse Part Exchange

Here you can swap your boat for another vessel of a lesser value plus money from us. For example you have a 46ft yacht that you feel is too big for you and would like a new 33ft yacht. We will give you the new 33ft yacht plus the cash difference. All you need to do is let us have the details of your boat and subject to a viewing and inspection we can agree a price and transfer the money across to you – simple! All we will need is to inspect your boat and engines and have clear title (i.e no outstanding finance).

Advantages: You get the boat you want instantly and cash!

Disadvantages: We allow you the 3 month value for your boat against the asking price of the replacement

Option 5 - Cash Sale

If you want us to simply purchase your boat for cash. This is usually the worst case scenario.

Advantages: Instant money in your account – we can send the money direct to the finance company and the balance to you if necessary.

Disadvantages: We pay the trade value – this will be the lowest amount you will receive.

Listing Form

Once you have spoken to a broker about your boat sale, please download and complete this form.


  • Lucy from "clipper marine brockerage" did an excellent job of selling our boat. Great correspondence, did what she said when she needed to. Very thorough.
  • Lucy was 1st class, a great subtle sales person with great enthusiasm and professionalism. A part of a great team at Clipper Marine, whom with out doubt if selling a boat, would be my 1st port of call. Thank you for your help.
  • I bought Thunder Child five years ago and the experience was good so we decided to use Clipper for the sale. The listing was very professionally put together and resulted in a lot of interest and an extremely quick sale. Thanks Clipper.
  • Lucy worked tirelessly and efficiently to secure the sale of my boat. She dealt with many enquiries and questions in a very friendly and professional manner from both myself and prospective buyers. I would thoroughly recommend her and clipper marine to anyone wishing to sell their boat. Thank you for all your help and service.
  • We bought from Clipper and they sold our yacht in Spain they took all responsibility. Lucy found a buyer and negotiated a very favourable and fair price. Lucy took care of the viewing, flying over to Alicante. We were informed regularly with updates and the whole process was very quick. We did help with the surveyor, taking the boat to the yard to be lifted but this was useful to us also as we could answer any questions. All correspondence was taken care of by Lucy in a helpful, friendly and professional way. Any questions we had were resolved quickly. We were always treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Clipper and their team. Thank you Lucy we really do appreciate