Bavaria Yachts | What Bavaria Boat You Need and Why

Published on 14 December 2021

A Bavaria boat is the perfect boat for many reasons. Bavaria boats are built around the extensive expertise of professionals in German engineering. Bavaria has managed to implement all this knowledge with a high degree of precision and quality to make some of the most outstanding yachts to date. Bavaria boats are made upon the best materials, equipment and exquisite craftsmanship to create a boat that is the essence of every boat. Our Favourite Bavaria Boats at Clipper Marine

C38 Bavaria

The Bavaria C38 combines perfect sailing characteristics, easy handling and maximum use of the interior space. Distinctive features such as the v-bow and chines at the stern, a guaranteed fast and safe sailing experience suitable for family days out with the vast amount of space it offers, or possibly a race boat for young couples.

The C38 aims to create the maximum amount of space on deck and below from the available waterline length. This yacht is enjoyable and engaging to sail, the C38 gives the potential buyer the maximum value in return for their money. This design has added volume in the bow and the stern, with a deeper rounder forefoot to reduce slamming, and has the single rudder, which gives plenty of contron in harbour and underway.

The benefits of the C38 are huge. Given that manoeuviring and mooring can be a stressful experience for new yacht owners, Bavaria has worked very hard on making the C38 a fun and easy sailing experience and will prove very popular with sailing schools and charter companies.

In regards to the price point of the C38, the quality and the finish is very good and they have upped its game by several levels. The C38 is now the boat to beat in the Bavarias size sector, you will struggle to get more out of a boat that offers so much to such a wide audience than this.

342 Bavaria

The Bavaria 342 sail has proven to the yacht world that even smaller yachts can be tremendously fun! The 342 has succeeded in brining together the best aspects of sailing; pleasure and spaciousness all in one boat. The 342 offers a very fun and safe sailing experience with complements of the extra large cockpit area and the bellow deck large enough for six people.

With the added benefits of the large kitchen area, sink, stove and refrigerator. The 342 notices the importance in meals for longer rides. You can easily prepare meals with the use of the many facilities this model they have provided us with. The attention to detail on the 342 from the solid wood surfaces, and high quality equipment, you have everything you need to enjoy evening rides serving delicious food.

The Bavaria 342 offers a pre-balanced rudder and a single large steeling to provide its custom with an easy sailing experience. The 342 model comes with a new economic layout with updated technology to make this yacht a breeze. There are many benefits to the 342 that helps to provide families, friends or even just yourself with a simple and straight forward ride without the hassle of complex handling.

C57 Bavaria

Finally, the Bavaria C57 comes through with a pure expression of class, elegance and the finest craftsmanship. The C57 offers a luxurious sleek design and style of a megyacht. This model sets the bar with its new trends and boasts a long waterline which guarantees high, basic speeds.

The Bavaria C57 is the most advanced sailing yachts to date. Due to its high end features that offer the enjoyment by the water. The C57 model ensures a sophisticated sailing experience to ensure a fun and enjoyable ride, that makes sailing easy.

The elegant Bavaria C57 sail-boat is an ideal compromise for those of you who want to enjoy the life on a yacht for the first time at a desirable price. Not only does the C57 offer the largest living area in its class, 88 m², but it is also designed to give passengers the maximum enjoyment of their voyage.

Your Perfect Bavaria Yacht | Conclusion

Bavaria sail boats provide excellent maneuvureability and comfort to make it suitable for everyone. Bavaria yachts also have a great price to match, making Bavaria an ideal brand for you to choose from for your next sailing holiday or speed boat competition.

Clipper Marine features a large stock of Bavaira yachts that you can choose from. Be sure to check out our new and used Bavaria boats on our website.

Contact one of our friendly professional experts if you need more information and would like to learn more.

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Bavaria Yachts | What Bavaria Boat You Need and Why