Greenline 48 Coupe

Monday, 08 October 2018 12:55

Fancy a Solar Power Plant on your roof?

It seems like they never sleep at Greenline Yachts. Launching at Boot Düsseldorf 19th - 27th January 2019 as well as Miami Yacht Show February 14th-18th 2019, they will present a Coupe version of their popular Flybridge yacht, Greenline 48.

Both displays will feature the biggest Greenline presentation in history of the brand with 8 models of which four are novelties.

SVP Yachts Greenline 48 Coupe

“Market research and numerous inquiries for a larger Coupe style yacht resulted in the development of the Greenline 48 Coupe, offering a unique level of living quality onboard thanks to Greenline’s One Level Living” and independence. Independence in terms of not having to search for marinas to plug in and rather stay at anchor as long as you like. The 48 Coupe is equipped with staggering 2,4 kW of solar panels on the roof in standard, which is equal to a small generator running all the time. Having continuous and almost unlimited amount of power onboard to run all the onboard appliances in silence, without using any fossil fuels, is not only much friendlier to the environment, but also significantly increases the quality of living onboard. And it is absolutely unique to Greenline Yachts.” said Luca Meffle, Head of Sales and Marketing at Greenline Yachts.

SVP Yachts Greenline 48 Coupe

Design your Greenline 48 Coupe

At Greenline Yachts they pride themselves for being able to accommodate almost every customer’s whish. Vast list of standard equipment and options includes “One level living” concept which makes living onboard without any steps between the cockpit and saloon much more comfortable.

The choice of 3 different furniture woods among others enables you to truly tailor your Greenline 48 Coupe to your specific wishes and taste. Ample space on deck as well as below can be further upgraded with various devices, materials and colours which suits almost every taste and requirements.

To bring the well being onboard even further, the Greenline 48 Coupe features a full functional wet bar mounted at transom. Accessible from the bathing platform, the wet bar is equipped with a BBQ, sink and a worktop to prepare an unforgettable gourmet dinner in a beautiful secluded bay.

Access to the sea has never been easier. The platform comes in two sizes with the possibility of comfortable and effortless launching of the dinghy using built-in pop-up chocks and of course hydraulic lifting system of the platform.

Drive or Traditional Diesel

Greenline yachts are pioneers in Hybrid (HDrive) propulsion. Hybrid Drive is available with 2 x 14 kW electric engines with integrated 2 x 10kW generators in combination with twin Volvo Penta D3 220 HP diesel engines. You can of course choose not to have the hybrid drive which enables you to upgrade the power of the engines up to 2 x 480 HP with 6,7 liter Cummins engines and cruise at a higher speed.

Running on electric power, the 48 Coupe is cruising at 6 kts and with the range of about 20 NM with the 40 kWh Li-Po battery. Running on diesel with shaft drive, Greenline 48 Coupe will be cruising at 15 kts with 2 x 220 HP. Expected maximum speed with twin Cummins 480 HP engines is 30 knots.

SVP Yachts Greenline 48 Coupe

230/110 V AC Onboard a Greenline At All Times

Regardless of wether you choose the Hdrive or not, you have 230/110 V AC power onboard at all times thanks to the Greenline High Stanardard package (which comes in standard) consisting of 600 Ah service battery, 3 kW inverter and solar roof. This level of home-like comfort on a yacht is really only reserved for yachts with big, smelly and noisy generators, but on a Greenline, any Greenline for that matter, the use of normal power sockets, like the ones you have at home, is normal.

You will rarely need your shore power cable on a Greenline 48 Coupe. With 2019 model year all Greenline yachts have AC power in standard but with up to 2,4 kW of solar panels, the 48 Coupe has the most powerful solar roof of them all!

Greenlines, including the 48 Coupe, are equipped with normal home appliances - standard size fridge with a freezer unit, like the one you are used to at home, induction stove, microwave, AC sockets work all the time so no need for those cigarette lighter adapters you usually forget at home or in your car, to charge your devices. You will be blown away how comfortable and home-like a boat can be.

Comfort and Convenience

The 48 Coupe lines follow those of her sister ship, 48 Fly with the modern classic design and some features, unique for Greenline such as low cockpit and salon sole, side door for comfortable side boarding, only two low steps from the cockpit t the bathing platform large salon windows for stunning views and plenty of natural light, protected side walks and Greenline’s signature bulwark aperture at bow for natural light light and visibility from the master cabin’s 180 degree panoramic windows.

On the foredeck the 48 Coupe offers vast and comfortable sunbed featuring lifting backrests and bimini and wide sidewalks for safe and comfortable movement onboa

SVP Yachts Greenline 48 Coupe

On Deck and Below

Galley positioned in the aft is not just another design feature but foremost a link between two social areas onboard - cockpit and salon. Salon includes immense U-shaped dining area with a lounge area facing to port. Special attention was put into ergonomics of helmsman’s area with all instruments in reach and side door for easy single handed manoeuvring.

With their “One level living” concept they strive towards minimising the amount of stairs on all Greenline models hence the lower deck on the Greenline 48 Coupe only has four stairs down from the single level of the saloon, galley and cockpit, which is quite unique in the market on a yacht this size.

Lower deck offers a 3 ensuite cabin layout with the master cabin in the bow and two cabins with twin berths aft. Not including the captain’s quarters, accessible from the cockpit, of course. Starboard aft bathroom can be used as a day head while the other two cabins have private bathrooms. The Greenline 48 also offers an optional layout with only two, larger bathrooms.

Master cabin offers either Greenline signature scissor berths or a comfortable queen size island double berth with, again, home-like mattresses, plenty of wardrobe space and a shower compartment which is completely separated from the bathroom.

Technical Data

LOA incl Platform 14,99 m
Beam  4,80 m
Draft   0,98 m
Air draft exc. radar mast   3,50 m 
Displacement empty   13.300 kg 
Fuel tank, petrol   1.500 l
Water tank   660 l
Black water tank   2 x 80 l
Cabins  3
Berths   6+2+1
Washroom incl. Shower  3 (2 opt)
Top speed 2x 220 HP  16 kts
Top speed 2x 300 HP  20 kts
Top speed 2x 380 HP  25 kts
Top speed 2x 480  HP 30 kts
Diesel max range @7 kts  900 NM
Electric Propulsion @56 V (H-Drive)   2 x 14 kW
Generator @56 V (H-Drive)  2 x 10 kW
Top speed on electric propulsion (H-Drive)  6.5 kts
Cruising speed (H-Drive)  4 kts
Range at cruising speed (H-Drive)  20 NM
Range with range extender @5kts  180 NM
Range extender,diesel   6,4 kW
Solar panels capacity  8x 300 W
Battery capacity (service) 600 Ah
CE category B
Design  J&J design

Premiere at Dusseldorf 2019 for Europe and Miami Yacht Show for US

The new Greenline 48 Coupe will premiere at Boot Dusseldorf 2019 as well as Miami Yacht Show for US and will share the podium with most of the Greenline Yachts fleet.

Both upcoming Boot Dusseldorf 2019 as well as Miami Yacht Show will represent the biggest display of Greenline Yachts ever in history of the brand.

Greenline 48 Coupe