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Pure sailing pleasure.

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Perfect sailing performance.

When we designed the BAVARIA C45, we wanted to create a yacht which people would feel completely at home on – with features like the huge bathing platform, big cockpit and bright saloon – and also a yacht of the utmost flexibility. There are two versions available: ‘Holiday’ and ‘Style’.

Furthermore, this is the only yacht in its class available in a five-cabin version as well as three and four cabins, and which has a dinghy garage for a tender. The new BAVARIA C45 is an absolute all-rounder.

Clear lines and clearly very different.

Maurizio Cossutti and his team masterminded the design of the BAVARIA C45. They created something truly unique – an elongated hull with three big windows, a long window strip, a narrow looking superstructure – in short: a silhouette in the style of a superyacht.

This yacht sets a completely new, fresh tone in the 45‐foot sailing yacht segment.

Stylish light strip: You can never get enough natural light. Which is why extra‐long windows have been incorporated to add brightness to the saloon.
XXL bathing platforms: A delightful place to swim or prepare for a dive. At 2.38 metres wide, there’s space for everything and everybody.
Wet bar with bbq grill: The cockpit area converts into a barbecue area. It’s simple, thanks to a gas barbecue and fold‐up wet bar including fridge.
Extra sunbathing areas: If you’re looking for an alternative to the sunbathing surfaces in the cockpit area, you’ll find it on the foredeck and under the boom.

What the silhouette starts, the deck continues.

Clear design dominates the BAVARIA C45. All of the hatches are recessed into the deck and provide ideal lighting and ventilation. The walk‐on deck and the superstructure are level, without any steps or edges. The cockpit is divided into two: a sailing and a relaxation area. Everything is designed with one objective: offering the perfect time to everyone on board – as befits a small superyacht.

And there are two versions:


Take an extended trip from day one of sailing: the BAVARIA C45 HOLIDAY has everything that skipper and crew need to set off. The standard edition includes anchor winches, sails and navigation – all on board, everything ready.


Fine woods and high‐grade materials: the interior of the BAVARIA C45 STYLE provides an elevated ambience and extremely comfortable fittings and furnishings. You will also find everything on board that constitutes standard equipment. Grey decorative stripes along the hull catch the eye and give the STYLE version its special appearance.

Personal style in over 60 m².

A good interior is always a perfect combination of style and functionality. In the BAVARIA C45 you can help choose the style, especially by selecting the wood: classic mahogany, white oak or elegant walnut. All of it staged with lots of daylight, creating a naturally bright environment below deck. It feels as comfortable as your home on land.

Do you prefer darkly elegant?

Walnut’s rich tones create an understated elegance. It exudes lots of warmth and cosiness. The upholstery and the surfaces in the pantry provide brighter touches.

An unusual level of luxury in this class: the owner’s cabin.
A wonderfully big, queen‐sized bed with a splendid view.
Spacious saloon for socialising with family and friends.
Bathroom with separate shower cabin and high‐quality fittings.

Or bright and friendly?

Tastes differ. It’s good to have the choice. White oak is for those who like things clear and open. The material’s brushed texture enhances its pleasantly natural feel.

Bright delight, luxury haven: the owner’s cabin.
Space even for ambitious cooks and their helpers.
Control centre with map table and navigation equipment.
The bathroom is luxurious too, with a separate shower cabin.

Or perhaps a distinctive brown?

Mahogany – for everyone who loves a classic look. It’s especially popular for luxurious furniture. No wonder: it looks stunning and enhances any room.

Space for everything and everyone: the BAVARIA C45’s generous saloon.
The owner’s cabin offers lots of light and a cosy atmosphere.
A high‐quality bathroom with lots of space to look after yourself.
Even the aft cabin is not without its luxuries.

Materials - Because the best is just right.

Quality always makes the difference. Why? Because you can simply tell when materials are special. You can feel it and you can see it. Solid wooden trim, for instance. It’s the love of detail that makes a yacht what it is – and, where it matters, hand craftsmanship. At BAVARIA YACHTS, the entire interior is made in Germany. Every single wooden component is varnished up to six times. This is a level of quality you simply can’t replace.

But it isn’t just us at BAVARIA YACHTS who are striving for the best result. Every stage of the creation of our yachts involves reliable, big‐name partners, each of them market leaders in their field. They too help ensure that the quality is up to the mark – for the best of times at sea.

The Interior

Each room is given its own atmosphere by the way the interior is built. That’s why there are three types of wood to choose from: from dark (mahogany, walnut) to pale (white oak). All of the furnishings in the cabins and saloon are manufactured in modules, separately from the hull. The same goes for all the installations, the laying of cables and lines. At the end, each module is checked carefully to see that it works correctly, and only then installed.

The Leather

Leather is one of the most beautiful and exclusive natural products. It’s tough and resilient on the one hand, but gives a wonderful feeling of comfort on the other. When you touch it, you can simply feel the exclusivity, and on the BAVARIA C45 it’s always carefully matched to the interior.

The Floor

Floors on yachts have to put up with a lot. Water, heat, knocks. That’s why they have to be extraordinarily tough. We only use materials that can withstand every step, every kind of pressure and every weather. And we install them in a functional design and at the top quality level.

You can’t sail properly without the proper sail.

Every trip is different. And the demands on sails are equally diverse. So every trip has to begin with choosing the right sail. Day‐excursion? Sailing through an archipelago for a week at midsummer? Or is it going to be a really long voyage?

If you’re sailing on the open sea, the material your sail is made out of has to be able to cope with the weather conditions. Dimensional stability and durability are key. Find the right material with us:

Polyester Fabric (Dacron)

Polyester fabric has changed enormously in recent years and has developed to a very high standard. Dacron is the most popular sail material. It’s almost indestructible, very resistant to UV light, and economical too. That’s why it’s suitable for making sails for average demands.

Polyester Laminate DCX

Sails made of this material offer excellent dimensional stability. They’re low‐stretch, durable, and highly tear‐resistant. The advantage here is that you can sail more efficiently in different wind strengths without any loss of handling. That means you can sail fast – closer to the wind – with less listing.


The big advantage of nylon is that it can be woven very tightly. This produces a very light and strong fabric. Despite being so light, it exhibits high tensile strength. Because of that and because it’s so resistant to wear, this fabric is excellent for downwind sails like spinnakers and gennakers.


Length overall:47'3" / 14.43 m
Beam overall:14'8" / 4.49 m
Cabins:3 - 5
Bathrooms:2 - 5
Berths:5 - 8
Deck Layouts:10
Draught (Standard keel):7'2" / 2.20 m
Draught (Shallow Keel):5'8" / 1.75 m
Mainsail:64 m² / 688 sq ft
Mainsail and Furling Jib (approx.):58 m2 / 538 sq ft
Unloaded Weight:11,935 kg / 26,312 lbs
Engine Power:41,9 kW/57hp or 58,8 kW/80hp

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The exterior highlights of the BAVARIA C45.

The BAVARIA C45 is a highlight in itself - in terms of design and comfort. Nevertheless, we would like to highlight a few features that are simply unusual for a yacht in this class.

  1. Dinghy garage
  2. Wetbar with BBQ grill
  3. Twin table cockpit
  4. XXL bathing platform
  5. Lying areas on the cockpit
  6. River hatches in the deck
  7. Self-tacking jib
  8. Double wheel steering
  9. Teak deck
  10. Hull window
  11. Extra lying areas
  12. The stylish light strip
  13. Lower deck furler
  14. hull
  15. The pre-balanced rudder blade

Deck Plans

Fun meets safety. The BAVARIA C45 impresses on the one hand with its good sailing properties, on the other hand, it is very safe to sail. It is trimmed and controlled by the two control columns in the rear cockpit: sails are set using the four winches and trimmed precisely in every situation. From the steering position, you also have a perfect overview of all navigation devices, the sails and the course.

All the traps and sheets for the sails run in the superstructure to the stern. In terms of sailing characteristics, this yacht is safe even in harsh conditions. A sporty rig allows perfect trim.

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Bavaria C45 technical specifications.

Fourteen metres of possibility. The BAVARIA C45 offers numerous features normally associated with modern superyachts that help you feel at home, whatever trip you are on. At home with the family or with friends – for the best of times together.

  • overall length 14.43 m / 47'3"
    Hull length 13.60 m / 44'8"
    Length of the waterline 12.87 m / 42'2"
    Overall width / Beam 4.49 m / 14'8"
    Draft cast iron keel (approx.), Standard 2.20 m / 7'2"
    Draft option cast iron keel as shallow keel (approx.) 1.75 m / 5'8"
    Draft option cast iron keel as performance keel (approx.) 2.60 m / 8'6''
    Empty weight (approx.) 11,935 kg / 26.312 lbs
    Ballast (approx.) 3,065 / 3,370 / 2,775 kg
    Engine, standard 41.9 kW / 57 HP
    Motor, option 58.8 kW / 80 HP
    Fuel tank (approx.) 250 l / 66 gal
    Water tank (approx.), Standard 650 l / 143 gal
    Sail area 114 m² / 1.127 sq ft
    Mainsail 64 m² / 688 sq ft
    Mainsail (furling system) 58 m² / 624 sq ft
    Genoa 50 m² / 538 sq ft
    Gennaker 180 m² / 1.937 sq ft
    Code 0 90 m² / 968 sq ft
    Mast height above waterline (approx.) 21.57 m / 70'9"
    I. 18.40 m / 60'4''
    J 5.25 m / 17'4''
    P 17.70 m / 58'1''
    E. 6.03 m / 19'1''
    CE category A.
    design Cossutti Yacht Design

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