Bavaria Warranty Guidelines

If, having read through the below guide, you are unsure whether something is covered by warranty then please contact us BEFORE having any work carried out to the boat.

  1. Your new boat is covered by a manufactures warranty against all manufacturing defects for 1 year plus a 5 year structural hull guarantee as set out in detail in your HANDOVER NOTES booklet. Please make sure you take the time to read this.
  2. Some components of your boat are covered for longer periods of warranty direct with their manufacturer. Such as Volvo, Yanmar, Simrad, B&G, Garmin, Raymarine, Seldon, Elvstrom. For warranty assistance with these components please contact the manufacture directly
  3. Warranty does not cover serviceable items or wearing parts. i.e filters, belts, impellors, seals
  4. Lifts or travelling costs are not covered under warranty
  5. All warranties are on a “return to dealer/manufacturer” basis. If this is not possible at our discretion, we will ask you to submit an estimate from a local contractor to carry out the works.
  6. If the defect is found to be due to operator fault, then you will be subject to parts and labour charges
  7. All warranty work must be instructed by Clipper Marine. We will not pay any unauthorised charges so please do not instruct any work to be carried out on the boat or engine without Clipper Marines consent
  8. All warranty claims must be supported by photos or videos where possible
Warranty Claim Form

Please fill in the form below to start the warranty claim process.

If you have multiple issues or questions about your boat, please send each one as an individual message. This will help both parties to keep track of everything.

If you have already submitted this form in the past for a separate issue, there is no need to re-enter your purchase date & HIN Number etc as we will have these on file.
Please enter your name!
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This will look like: DE-BAVX01X2X123, and can be found on the starboard aft side of the hull, or your paperwork
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